COnfiguration Filtering (Extension Module)


The Tamaya filter module provides a simple singleton accessor that allows to explicitly add PropertyFilter instances active on the current thread only. This can be very useful in many scenarios. Additionally this module adds standard filters that hide metadata entries when the full configuration map is accessed. When keys are accessed explcitily no filtering is applied and everything is visible.


The module is based on Java 7, so it will not run on Java 7 and beyond.


To benefit from configuration builder support you only must add the corresponding dependency to your module:


The Extensions Provided

Tamaya Filter comes basically with 1 artifact:

  • The org.apache.tamaya.filter.ConfigurationFilter provides several static methods to register PropertyFilter instances on the current thread.

  • The org.apache.tamaya.filter.DefaultMetdataFilter is a PropertyFilter with hides all entries starting with an underscore ('_'), when a full property map is accessed.

The ConfigurationFilter

The accessor mentioned implements the API for for adding 1PropertyFilters+ to the current thread (as thread local):

public final class ConfigurationFilter implements PropertyFilter{


     * Seactivates metadata filtering also on global map access for this thread.
     * @see #clearFilters()
     * @param active true,to enable metadata filtering (default).
    public static void setMetadataFilter(boolean active);

     * Access the filtering configuration that is used for filtering single property values accessed.
     * @return the filtering config, never null.
    public static ProgrammableFilter getSingleFilters();

     * Access the filtering configuration that is used for filtering configuration properties accessed as full
     * map.
     * @return the filtering config, never null.
    public static ProgrammableFilter getMapFilters();

     * Removes all programmable filters active on the current thread.
    public static void clearFilters();



For using regular expression when filtering configuration keys a corresponding implementation of a PropertyFilter is part of this module, So you can add a customized filter as follows:

    ConfigurationFilter.getMapFilters().addFilter(new RegexPropertyFilter("\\_.*"));

    // do your code with filtering active
    // cleanup

The ProgrammableFilter is a simple structure just providing some handy accessors to the dynamic thread-local managed filters:

public final class ProgrammableFilter implements PropertyFilter{

    public void addFilter(PropertyFilter filter);
    public void addFilter(int pos, PropertyFilter filter);
    public PropertyFilter removeFilter(int pos);
    public void clearFilters();
    public void setFilters(PropertyFilter... filters);
    public void setFilters(Collection<PropertyFilter> filters);
    public List<PropertyFilter> getFilters();

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