Tamaya JSON (Extension Module)


The Tamaya json module provides support for reading configuration using the JSON format:


The module is based on Java 7, so it will not run on Java 7 and beyond.


To benefit from configuration builder support you only must add the corresponding dependency to your module:


Reading configuration in JSON

For reading JSON based onfiguration most easily a JSONFormat can be provided:

ConfigurationData dataRead = ConfigurationFormats.readConfig(
    getClassLoader().getResource("myFileConfig.json"), new JSONFormat()));


The JSON module adds instances of ConfigurationFormat so JSON configuration can be read and mapped to the according property maps. E.g. the following file is a simple and correct JSON configuration:

  "a" : "A",
  "b" : "B",
  "c" : "C",
  "d" : {
      "o" : "O",
      "p" : "P"
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