Type Fix Version Key Summary By Status Created
Bug 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-159 URLResolver does not return null on non resolveable URL Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-05-05
Bug 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-158 Model extension does not use common meta-data format. Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-05-01
Improvement 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-149 Remove dependency on DropWizard in favour of Tomcat Embedded Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-04-19
Improvement 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-146 Implement getName() in SPI Support's BasePropertySource. Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-04-13
Improvement 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-151 Remove dependency on Jersey Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-04-20
Improvement 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-160 Add possibility to configure non annotated classes/interfaces Anatole Tresch Resolved 2016-05-11
Sub-task 0.3-incubating TAMAYA-91 Support for org.joda.time.Period Oliver B. Fischer Resolved 2015-07-08

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Version: 0.3-incubating-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-07-13.

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