What is Tamaya?

Tamaya is a powerful, flexible but simple configuration API that decouples your application from your configuration backend sources.

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Challenge it — Why should you use Tamaya?

Configuration is one of the most important cross-cutting concerns. Nevertheless most people rewrite similar logic again and again. It's time to rely on a standard compliant solution that allows to plugin any configuration resources?

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Try it out — Get started!

Getting started is easy: look at our examples, add Tamaya's runtime dependency and there you go. Tamaya is plain Java SE in it's core. Lean and effective. And if you have a question, let us know. We are happy to help!

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Use it — Add more Features!

Did we already have mentioned features? There are a lot of them. Read this overview about current and upcoming features to see what matches your requirements. Tamaya is modular, you only depend on what you like.

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Rely on it — Tamaya as a standard

Tamaya is not only a flexible configuration solution, it is also future proof. With Tamaya you get an independent implementation of the current Microprofile Config and JSR 310 API.

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Tell us your story and help us make Tamaya even better. We are happy to support you and discuss further features or improvements.

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