Tamaya 0.3-incubating release announcement


We are proud to announce a new version of Tamaya:

Main features

  • We fixed a lot of bugs.

  • We reduced the log "noise" on startup.

  • We introduced PropertyValue as a SPI artifact to support meta-entries.

  • We integrated the builder extension within the existing builder API.

  • We simplified a couple of APIs so working with explicit builders is as straightforward as using auto-discovery features.

  • It is now possible to inject configuration values into any kind of beans/templates, without being annotated at all as well.

  • We resolved possible license issues by replacing corresponding dependencies with Apache variants.

  • We added converters for File and Path.

  • We removed the binary distribution package in favour of the source distribution and the uploaded maven artifacts.

Project structure

The slim Tamaya API and core implementation is enhanced by different kinds of production-ready extensions modules, while a sandbox contains different alpha-grade modules.

Details on how to use Tamaya can be found on our site: http://tamaya.incubator.apache.org/ With this release we also separated the homepage code completely from the project code, to ease independent lifecycles.

You may download the release via: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/incubator/tamaya/0.3-incubating or in your pom.xml from Maven central:


When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file: https://www.apache.org/dist/incubator/tamaya/0.3-incubating/apiandcore/KEYS

The list of changes included in this release can be found at: https://issues.apache.org/jira/projects/TAMAYA/versions/12329052

Homepage improvements - multiple APIs are linked now


The homepage allows multiple API versions to be linked - you can find multiple versions of our API now.

The most current released version - considered stable - can be found here: https://tamaya.incubator.apache.org/apidocs/stable/index.html

While the current development version - considered unstable - is: https://tamaya.incubator.apache.org/apidocs/development/index.html

Happy hacking :-)

Tamaya 0.3-incubating release candidate


After a long and sweaty journey a new release candidate passed the internal vote:

An official release announcement will follow as well as migration information :-) Stay tuned!

Javaland - Configuration beyond Java EE8


Anatole held a talk about Tamaya at Javaland 2017:

The talk was attended by roughly 30 people and lively discussions about Tamaya and Microprofile.io followed. Currently Tamaya seems in good shape to tackle the future of configuration in Java.

Blog post (German) - Dirk Weil: Anwendungskonfiguration mit Apache Tamaya


Dirk Weil wrote an article about Tamaya on his blog:

ApacheCon Europe 2016 - Seville, Spain: Configure Once, run everyhere! Configuration with Apache Tamaya


Anatole took part in ApacheCon Europe in Seville from 2016-11-16 to 2016-11-18:

Java2Days (Sofia, Bulgaria) - Configuration for Java EE / Config JSR


Werner and Dmitry (Oracle) presented the concepts and ideas of Tamaya at the conference in Bulgaria:

JavaOne 2016 - Configure once and run everywhere


Anatole held a talk about Tamaya at JavaOne and took part in the Hackergarten:

BedCon 2016 - Slides of talk "Apache Tamaya Configuring your Containers"


Anatole held a talk about Tamaya at BedCon2016:

InnoQ-article - Configure Once, Run Everywhere: Decoupling Configuration and Runtime


Anatole wrote an article about Tamaya at InnoQ:

ApacheCon North America 2016 - Vancouver, Canada


Anatole took part in ApacheCon Vancouver from 2016-05-11 to 2016-05-13:

Javaland - Configuring Containers


Anatole held a talk about Tamaya at Javaland 2016:

Voxxed Days Zürich - Configuration with Apache Tamaya


Anatole took part in Voxxed Days Zürich, a recording of his talk is:

JUG Basel - Introduction to Apache Tamaya (German)


Anatole is going to talk about "Konfiguration mit Apache Tamaya" at Java Usergroup meeting in Basel.

JUG St. Gallen - Introduction to Apache Tamaya (German)


Anatole is going to talk about "Konfiguration mit Apache Tamaya" at Java Usergroup meeting in St. Gallen.

German e-book - Apache Tamaya


Anatole Tresch and Thorben Janssen authored a German ebook about Tamaya that derived from a JavaMagzin article series:

DZone-article - Configure Once, Run Everywhere: Decoupling Configuration and Runtime


Anatole wrote an article about Tamaya at DZone:

Tamaya the new configuration API


Anatole wrote a blog post about Tamaya and its API:

Introduction to configuration (German)


Anatole and Thorben Janssen wrote an introduction about configuration and motivation to pursuit work on Apache Tamaya:

JavaLand 2015 - Slides of talk about Java configuration


Anatole held a talk about Tamaya at JavaLand 2015:

Introduction to Apache Tamaya Incubating (German)


This article, written by Michael Thomas, gives an overview of Apache Tamaya Incubating, its concepts and motivation as a portable configuration system for Java SE, ME, EE-deployments.

Java EE 8 without any configuration JSR (German)


Anatole wrote a blog post explaining that there will not be a configuration JSR in Java EE8.

Older posts are available via the archive.