About Apache Tamaya

Tamaya provides a flexible and powerful Configuration Solution for Java developers using Java SE as well as for more complex usage scenarios like Cloud or Java EE. It provides a modern type-safe property based Configuration API combined with a powerful environment model and a flexible SPI.


  • Unified Configuration API
  • Pluggable Configuration Backends
  • Enforceable Configuration Policies
  • Configuration Validation and Documentation
  • Seemless Enterprise Integration


Using Apache Tamaya is simple:

  1. Add org.apache.tamaya:tamaya-core:0.2-incubating to your dependencies.
  2. Add your config to META-INF/javaconfiguration.properties
  3. Access your configuration by ConfigurationProvider.getConfiguration() and use it.
  4. Look at the extension modules to customize your setup!
  5. Enjoy!


Configuration is one of the most prominent cross-cutting concerns similar to logging. Most of us already have been writing similar code again and again in each of our projects. Sometimes in a similar way but mostly always slightly different, but certainly with high coupling to your configuration backends. Given your code is reused or integrated some how, or deployed by some customers, struggling starts: not supported backends, different policies, missing combination and validation mechanisms and so on. Tamaya solves all this by defining a common API and backend SPI. Your code is decoupled from the configuration backend. There is no difference if your code is deployed on your dev box or in a clustered Docker environment in production, it stays the same!

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Version: 0.3-incubating-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2016-07-13.

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